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For budding photographers and professionals alike, having the right gear is hugely important when it comes to capturing that perfect shot. One piece of kit that proves itself essential time after time is a tripod. Camera tripods have the ability to add composition and sharpness, basically giving life to your photographs.

Whether you’re looking to capture a picturesque landscape in all its glory, the energy and excitement of a sporting event, the uniqueness of nature, the beauty of a wedding or something far more practical, a tripod allows you to improve your final image as you shoot.

In terms of photography, a tripod allows you to use a slower shutter speed. Without a tripod, a slow shutter speed will be impeded by the movement created by pressing the button. While this movement may be barely perceptible when taking the image, it will clearly show in the final product. A tripod adds stability and combats such shakiness.

A tripod also allows you to use smaller lenses which in turn add a greater depth of field to the photograph. Again, this comes from the sturdiness a tripod provides. Meanwhile, by utilizing a tripod there is no need to be limited to solely what you see in the viewfinder. Instead, you can take a look around you, establish the perfect shot, and then adjust your camera.

From a practical standpoint, camera tripods make life that little bit easier. Getting the perfect picture takes time. A lot of time. Landscape photographers can spend hours waiting for perfect light, for clouds to shift, and for everything to settle ‘just right’. Wedding photographers know all too well the intricacies of getting group shots with guests that may or may not be paying attention. Everything takes time and every photographer needs some respite.

For professionals spending all day with their camera, a tripod offers physical relief. Even lightweight cameras get heavy as the day rolls on, so simply being able to step back and relax your arms can make all the difference. It can also help alleviate those shaky hands that can so easily spoil a picture.

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For photographers working with models, a tripod allows for better communication and working relationships. By leaving a camera set-up on a tripod, the photographer can converse and instruct the model(s) instead of worrying about dropping the camera’s focus an inch or two, ensuring that no time is wasted on shots that aren’t right from the start.

The world of camera tripods has greatly evolved in recent years. Today, photographers can pick-up tripods that are strong and durable yet weight practically nothing. Lightweight materials make transportation easier, something that is a huge benefit for those traversing the city as well as those tackling uneven terrain.

Those photographers looking to lighten the load can benefit from special travel tripods, designed to be lighter and less bulky as well as quick and easy to set up. Those looking for those looking for the professional touch are well-accommodated, and needn’t pay through the nose for the model that will make all the difference.

Furthermore, the advent of online shopping makes getting a hold of a suitable camera tripod that much simpler. More models than ever are available at the push of a button, while the cost of purchase is steadily on the decline, something that we’re all thankful for in the current economic climate.

Purchasing a camera tripod moves any photographer that one step closer to success. After a camera, it really is the one piece of kit no photographer can be without.